Thursday, June 11, 2009


yeah!!! finally she reply my comment happy lo...
how she know that i m the one who created the blogspot?
dont know...but feel so happy that she loves it soooo much~^^
haha...can chat with her wor...wah, like dreaming like that..
like chating with S.H.E lo...XD

Trisky Wong Joyce Khew:
haha thx so much for ur support wor..i wil do my best...n de blog is u create?? reli thx so much i love best blog was YT blog ahahahahahah so beautifull..^^...~

Trisky Wong Joyce Khew:
u create rite? wowwW!!! really so smart n clever....wat bout those english words n chinese? also u do? u update very fast lor....i always midnite go check after competition..den ady got our competition video! or so fast will noe another week is wat theme for de competition fight..ahaha~my throat is ok..jz de voice stil abit "sha shaa" lor...~ don wory wil ehehehehe i reli thank u so much 2 ur help n support o...Yt love u always!

Trisky Wong Joyce Khew:
haha wow reli so smart n hav heart o!! nt easy o like dis...1by 1 word search tru website...~u sure always do dis blog til late nite....reli so touch!! ahahahaha u reli a gd fanz of YT...i wil try la if hav...coz nw YT is seperate d..coz over d ma dis game..~ it depends la c hw de luck goes lor nw..^^

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